Beef wars


Soy is an important base ingredient of the world’s meat. Approximately three quarters of the world’s soy goes into animal feed. But this soy production has left an enormous scar on the Earth’s surface. More than one million square kilometers of the planet – equivalent to the total combined area of France, Germany, Belgium and


When the Compassion in World Farming chief Philip Lymbery joined award-winning journalist Isabel Oakeshott to tell the story of our global farming system gone mad Ecostorm was invited along to document their remarkable investigation on film. Fascinating and terrifying in equal measure, the Farmageddon book – and film series – documents an investigative journey behind

Liquid ivory


Demand for palm oil, a substance found in hundreds of our food and household products, is threatening some of the world’s most endangered species, a dramatic film by Ecostorm and ITV news revealed. The rapid expansion of palm oil plantations in Indonesia has already led to the clearance of millions of hectares of rainforests, driving