Ocean warriors

Ocean warriors is a new six-hour television series that takes viewers to the front lines of the battle to save the world’s oceans. From the vast tuna fisheries of the Western Pacific to the Antarctic’s remote Southern Ocean and the coral reefs of Tanzania, audiences watch as a global network of activists, journalists – including Ecostorm’s co-founder and director Jim Wickens – and scientists risk their lives to battle poachers and organized crime on the high seas. Watch an excerpt here:

Each fast-paced episode of Ocean Warriors puts the offenders in the sights of dedicated activists, scientists and investigators who put their lives on the line every day to stop those who are wreaking havoc on our oceans, from Tanzania to Thailand to Antarctica and beyond. Series episodes include Enforcement, Who’s the Bad Guy, Engage the Enemy, Truth and Lies, Life and Death and Perseverance.

“Our oceans are earth’s lifeblood, providing us with the air, water and food we need to survive. Sadly, they are in crisis due to climate change, pollution and illegal over-fishing. Ocean Warriors profiles the stories of the dedicated women and men who are taking up the charge to protect our oceans for future generations and is a call to action to join the cause,” said Robert Redford, Executive Producer of Ocean Warriors.

“I am proud to collaborate with Robert Redford, Animal Planet and Brick City TV to bring awareness to this critical issue and inspire people to change the way in which we care for our oceans. While our oceans may appear infinite, ocean life is not.  We must act now to save it,” Vulcan Inc. founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen said.

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