maxresdefault-5When the Compassion in World Farming chief Philip Lymbery joined award-winning journalist Isabel Oakeshott to tell the story of our global farming system gone mad Ecostorm was invited along to document their remarkable investigation on film.

Fascinating and terrifying in equal measure, the Farmageddon book – and film series – documents an investigative journey behind the closed doors of the factory farming industry. It busts the myth that factory farming is needed to feed the world. With stories from the UK, Europe and the USA, to China, Argentina, Peru and Mexico, the book – and accompanying films – show that none of us are safe from the factory farming machine.

Farmageddon in the US

Vast slurry lagoons, polluted drinking water and animals pushed to their breaking point. The mega dairies of California prove beyond doubt that factory farming is absolutely the wrong way to produce food.

Farmageddon in Argentina

How soya grown to feed factory farmed animals reared in Europe is impacting on the land and people of Argentina

Farmageddon in Peru

How production of fishmeal in Peru is devastating wildlife

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