Footage archive

Ecostorm and its partners at the Ecologist Film Unit hold one of the world’s leading footage libraries exclusively dedicated to environmental issues, with a particular focus on food and farming. We regularly provide programme makers internationally with unique footage (much of it impossible to obtain again) for use in their television and other film projects.

We can supply footage in most common formats, and can organise either digital or hard copy (in hand) delivery. For fees, rights issues or any related questions, please contact us using the form below.

Subjects covered (not exhaustive):

Farming- general , factory farming – general, farm animal cruelty, intensive animal production, pig farming, dairy farming, foie gras (goose fat) production, animal markets, live animal transport, slaughterhouses

> CASE STUDY Industrial pig farming in Poland

Soya cultivation, cattle ranching, pesticides, deforestation, rainforests, illegal timber trade, palm oil, wildlife victims, elephants

> CASE STUDY Deforestation and violence linked to soya crop in Argentina

Wildlife trade, zoos, circuses, fur trade (fashion, rabbit, seal) seal hunting, fox hunting, wolf hunting, game bird shooting, game farming, animal parks

> CASE STUDY Seal hunting for fur in Namibia

Fisheries and oceans, aquaculture, shrimp farming, salmon farming, fishmeal production, mangrove forests, fisheries conflicts (human rights violations), whaling, whale meat products, turtle farming

> CASE STUDY Dolphin killing in the Pacific

Carbon trading, power stations, fracking (gas industry), gold mining, pollution, poverty, food speculation, exploitation of workers, migrant workers, orange harvesting

> CASE STUDY Fracking in Poland

Plus footage relating to many, many other international issues. Please contact us using the form below for further details.