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Between 2008 and 2014 the Ecologist Film Unit produced more than 25 investigative documentaries and related print reports – see the full series here – as part of a major collaboration between the world-famous Ecologist magazine and investigative agency Ecostorm. In 2014 the EFU ceased production of original content, although its films and journalism continue to inform and inspire.


Grinding Nemo: the real cost of a prawn curry.

In this film the EFU travels to Thailand to investigate some of the disturbing abuses linked to the production of fishmeal, a key ingredient in the feed given to farmed prawns. The film in part led to a major follow up investigation by The Guardian examining the hidden supply chain secrets behind supermarket shrimp.

Blood harvest: hard labour behind our soft drinks

The EFU reports from southern Italy on claims that migrant labourers are being exploited on citrus farms supplying fruit and juices to large soft drinks manufacturers, including Coca Cola. The film provoked a public outcry in Italy, sparking street protests in Calabria and leading to crisis meetings between the Government and citrus industry, as well as generating headlines globally.

Toxic tanneries: leather production in Bangladesh

Our first film, produced in 2008, put the EFU on the map and saw correspondent Jim Wickens travel to Dhaka to investigate the shocking impacts that leather production in the region were having on local residents and the environment. The story was picked up by BBC World and broadcast to millions.

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