About us

Ecostorm was launched in 2003 by two British environmental journalists who realised the need for a new type of specialist – and maverick – investigative organisation capable of tackling, head on, some of the most pressing issues of our time. Using a variety of unique and sophisticated methods, Ecostorm obtains information, film and photos and shares them with the media, NGOs and others working to bring about change.

Since its inception, Ecostorm has undertaken dozens of investigations and related research assignments on behalf of a wide variety of media outlets and advocacy groups. This diverse programme of work has seen investigators operate in over eighty countries globally. From an initial staff of just two, our network has now expanded considerably, comprising investigators, journalists, researchers and support staff, each specialists in their respective fields.

Ecostorm increasingly collaborates directly with the print and broadcast media, and we have unique and extensive experience of supplying investigative content for use in programmes and reports.

Banner photo: Sarah Stirk / Ecostorm / Ecologist Film Unit