Dead Zone: the hidden cost of industrial farming on the world’s wildlife

elephantstmactionpageEcostorm has again worked with Compassion in World Farming during its major two year investigation that resulted in the publication of the brand new book  Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were  and campaign which explores the hidden impact of industrialised farming on the world’s wildlife, and takes readers on a journey around the world, travelling from the rainforests of the Amazon to the Midwest plains of America; the palm plantations of Sumatra to the volcanic diversity of Galapagos; the grasslands of England to the Malaysian jungle.

As with 2014’s Farmageddon project  Ecostorm co-ordinated and carried out extensive field investigations across the globe and co-produced a series of films documenting many of the issues covered in the book.

More information on the Stop the Machine Campaign here

Watch some of the films here