What’s really in our shopping baskets?

Animal suffecologist-guide-to-food-complete-cover-1ering, human rights abuses, the destruction of ecosystems, pollution, waste … these are issues we tend not to associate with our food. However, as a major new book, The Ecologist Guide To Food,  reveals, much of our food comes with a hidden price tag.

Drawing on The Ecologist’s unique archive as well as containing much material based on original Ecostorm investigations carried out over the past decade, the Ecologist Guide to Food – written by Ecostorm co-founder and director Andrew Wasley delves behind the labels to investigate the often-unpalatable truths about the foodstuffs we consume each day.

Among the Ecostorm investigations featured include:

The Ecologist Guide To Food is published by Leaping Hare Press. Download the full press release here