Film sparks outrage over Halal slaughter

Working in conjunction with GAIA, Ecostorm has undertaken an ambitious investigation revealing the bloody and brutal conditions of halal abattoirs in Belgium. Operating undercover, Ecostorm investigations found appalling conditions and documented graphic cruelty in over nine slaughterhouses.

The footage gathered includes mass slaughter of sheep, un-stunned killing of baby goats and prolonged deaths of cattle in tailor made ‘bleeding boxes’ across the country. The findings of the investigation have received extensive coverage on the front pages of national papers and released on every major news channel across Belgium; provoking unprecedented outrage amongst consumers and politicians alike.

A parliamentary enquiry has been set up to examine the findings and change legislation, and the animal minister responsible for animal welfare stated publicly that she had seen the footage and that ‘ something needs to be done’.

Read coverage from VTM,Vilt, and Nieuwsblad Belgian newspapers.