Reprieve for humpback whales after investigation thwarts Greenland’s hunt plans

An Ecostorm investigation with WSPA has acted to convince commissioners at the International Whaling Commission’s (IWC) annual meeting to vote ‘no’ to including ten humpbacks in Greenland’s whaling quota.

The undercover investigation revealed that 25% of whales killed by Greenland – which they are permitted to hunt only for aboriginal subsistence purposes – are sold commercially, resulting in significant profit and exploding the myth that their whaling quotas are purely subsistence based.

Last month WSPA presented IWC commissioners with compelling evidence, providing them with the information necessary to ensure a ‘no’ vote from a majority 36 of the 65 voting nations.

WSPA’s Claire Bass commented on the vote from the IWC meeting: “This is fantastic news as fewer whales will be cruelly killed. WSPA’s investigation has given the IWC the information it needed to see through the myths of Greenlandic whaling and make the right decision.”

Speaking on the importance of the vote, she added: “This is a significant victory in a bigger campaign to end the slaughter of whales globally, and we will continue in our campaign to end the cruelty of whaling.”

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